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A key to having a successful business is starting with the ideal business entity. Each business has its own needs in terms of taxation, liability, and other issues, and must take these needs into consideration before choosing incorporation, an LLC, or another structure.

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz will sit down with you, analyze your business and listen to your needs, and then determine the best business formation. We have law offices in Camarillo, and serve businesses of all sizes throughout Ventura County and surrounding areas of California.

Our lawyers can weigh the pros and cons of the following options for your business:

  • Incorporation: By incorporating a business, you are legally giving it many of the rights enjoyed by individuals in the United States. Your business can own property, pay taxes, and engage in litigation on its own, independent of you and your colleagues.
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): An LLC is essentially a hybrid of a corporation and a partnership. The governance of LLCs is easier than with corporations, and if properly structured and managed, owners are not held individually liable for the actions of the company.
  • Partnership agreements: Partners generally agree to share many of the tax and liability issues involved in a business. There are several different types of partnerships available, including limited partnerships, general partnerships, and limited liability partnerships.

Investing in an attorney to assist with business formation can provide many long-term benefits. The right formation can ensure support for a business and allow it to flourish. You will conduct your affairs with full knowledge of the possibilities and legal restrictions associated with your business.

The lawyers of the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz also can assist you with any issues that arise after business formation. We are a full-service business law firm, assisting clients with any aspect of business planning or litigation. We have a special practice helping companies conduct internal investigations that effectively forestall legal controversies or guide your business through unexpected adversity.

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