Civil Disputes

Experienced California Trial Lawyer

Civil litigation can involve a wide range of disputes between people. It could be a case of one person blaming another for a personal injury. It could be a contract dispute over purchases or repairs. It could also involve the civil side of a criminal assault.

The lawyers of the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz are well-qualified to handle any variety of civil litigation. Lead attorney Mark Pachowicz has more than 28 years of experience in trials. We take clients throughout Ventura County and surrounding areas of California. Contact our Camarillo law offices to set up a consultation.

Civil Suits over Criminal Acts

Victims of assault, rape, or other violent crimes typically can sue for damages, including medical bills, psychological treatment, and pain and suffering. After a career of dealing with such issues in courts throughout Ventura County, Mr. Pachowicz is uniquely qualified to handle either side of these civil disputes.

Attorney Pachowicz is not only an experienced civil litigator; he also spent more than 12 years as a criminal prosecutor, and now has a thriving criminal defense practice. He has been on both sides of countless criminal cases, including matters of sexual assault, domestic violence, assault, molestation, and more. He has a full understanding of all relevant issues and can work hard on your behalf.

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