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Accusations of domestic violence can ruin an individual’s reputation and relationships with family members. Anyone who has been accused of domestic violence needs a defense lawyer who will work hard to get their side of the story told while also understanding any family law issues that may be involved.

At the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz, our lawyers are experienced in both criminal law and family law. We devote personal attention to each client, working toward the best possible resolution to all of their legal issues. We have law offices in Camarillo, California, and represent people throughout California and surrounding areas. Contact a Camarillo domestic violence attorney for a confidential consultation.

Handling Complex Cases

Some people seem to think whenever someone is accused of domestic abuse it is a simple, cut-and-dried example of family violence. Our lawyers understand how complex these situations typically are. Attorney Mark Pachowicz spent more than 12 years as a prosecuting attorney, and regularly handled cases that involved many conflicting versions of what happened.

We will work through the complexities of your case and build strong arguments in your defense. Our attorneys never plead you out until we have exhausted all other options. We are happy to take a case to trial if we believe it will benefit a client.

Taking on Family Law Issues

Domestic violence and family law matters frequently overlap. For example, a spousal abuse charge or conviction can be used in custody disputes. At the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz, the same lawyer can effectively and efficiently represent your interests in your domestic violence criminal case and in all related family law matters.

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