Internal Investigations

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When a company realizes that an employee has been doing something wrong, it is always best to figure it out in-house. The company needs a confidential internal investigation to uncover whether wrongdoing occurred and determine the company’s liability, if any, for the actions of an employee.

Attorney Mark R. Pachowicz is skilled and experienced in conducting internal investigations on behalf of companies. He has more than 28 years of experience as a lawyer working in criminal and business law. From law offices in Camarillo, his practice extends throughout Ventura County and surrounding areas of California.

Reasons for Internal Investigations

Internal investigations arise from a wide range of circumstances. Sometimes they can be spurred by private revelations of possible wrongdoing. Other times, government agencies will pressure a company to conduct an internal investigation. The sensitive information could concern anything from the leaking of a trade secret to a rumor of fraud or employment law violations.

In any case, a credible internal investigation is a wise alternative to inviting public scrutiny or ignoring what could become a costly and damaging controversy. Mr. Pachowicz can discover whether the rumors have any truth and if so, how to rectify the situation.

For example, if someone within the company was not reporting information correctly, Mr. Pachowicz can investigate the issue and work with the authorities while educating the company as to the appropriate reporting requirements for federal and/or any state licensing agencies. If there were environmental violations concerning the disposal of hazardous materials, he can handle these matters as well.

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