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It is very important to keep children out of the criminal system. Children stuck in detention tend to end up in jail later in life. Convictions on their records will hurt their chances of getting into good colleges and getting good jobs.

If your child is charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who will invest the time and effort to fully protect your child. At the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz, our lawyers work hard with every case and every client, and we understand the concerns and issues that are unique to our juvenile clients. We are here for people throughout Ventura County, California, and surrounding areas–contact us to set up a confidential consultation in our Camarillo law offices.

We help children who have been charged with any crime, including:

  • Drug offenses: possession, sale, trafficking
  • Underage drinking, DUI
  • Shoplifting, petty theft, burglary
  • Assault

Juvenile law encompasses the same charges that are found in the regular criminal system, but it is very different. It involves different judges, different procedures, and a different focus, one of rehabilitation over punishment. It is vital to get a lawyer who is familiar with the juvenile law system and knows how to get results.

Key to Good Results: Hard Work

In all areas of law, it is important to have an attorney who works hard. But this is especially true in juvenile law. An attorney must educate the prosecution, probation and the court about the child, demonstrating clearly why he or she does not deserve serious punishment. You should not trust your child’s future to an attorney who cannot spare the time to do everything in his or her power to help your child.

At the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz, our attorneys have reputations for working very hard on every case. We are especially driven to work hard in juvenile law cases. Mark Pachowicz is a former employee of the Department of Child Services and coaches youth sports in his spare time–he believes very strongly in helping children through difficult times.

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