When Your Divorce Turns Criminal

When Criminal Law and Family Law Matters Overlap

Far too often an arrest, criminal complaint, criminal protective order, or restraining order is the first offensive move in a divorce or dissolution of marriage proceeding. Family law lawyers routinely ask their clients about domestic violence, physical or mental abuse, or rape and molestation allegations during the initial consultation.

As soon as you are accused of abuse against your spouse, or worse, your children, the tables are turned against you in your divorce proceeding. Judges, probation officers, prosecutors, mediators, and evaluators will all take the “safe” route and limit or eliminate your time with your children or require your visitations to be supervised. These allegations affect custody and visitation orders and child support and spousal support orders. These orders also can form the basis of an order of a “kick out” order removing you from your house and to take control of your real and personal property.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark R. Pachowicz handle criminal law cases, family law cases, and restraining orders on behalf of clients. Therefore, we understand how all of these actions can be used together to fight back.

Victims of Domestic Violence

If you are the victim of abuse, you need someone who can help protect you. As a former Senior Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted sexual assault and domestic violence cases, attorney Mark R. Pachowicz and his legal team can help protect you. When you are the subject of false allegations in family court or criminal court, we are there for you. We have obtained attorney fee orders for our clients; we have obtained a declaration of factual innocence in a criminal action after we have proved the allegations made against our clients are false. We understand how to best help you fight back.

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